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PEX pipe

PEX pipe

PEX Pipe
--Silane method POLYGON PEX has significantly higher levels of antioxidants compared to other methods of cross-linking.
--PEX-B processes can tolerate additives which allow POLYGON PEX to incorporate stabilizers in their formulations that improve the thermal, chlorine, and UV resistance value of the pipe.
--Additionally, the silane method permits the linking of up to four molecules at any given cross-linking site, which contributes to the superior mechanical strength and dimensional stability of POYGON PEX pipe.

Technical Data of PEX Pipe

Property Value Unit Standard
Maximum usage temperature 95  
Density 0.942 G/cm2 ASTM D-792
Rate of thermal expansion between 0-70℃ 1,9*10-4 K-1 ASTM D-696
Thermal conductivity 0.41 WK-1m-1 DIN 52612-1
Elasticity of flexion module at -40℃ at -0℃ at -23℃ 498 312 183 N/mm2 N/mm2 N/mm2 DIN EN ISO 178
Resistance to traction 20 N/mm2  ASTM D-538
Elongation at rupture 400%   ASTM D-538
Superficial resistivity >1012 Ω Ω IEC 60093

Here is the PEX previewed hydrostatic pressure curve & POLYGON PEX hydrostatic pressure curve:

Real line: PEX previewed hydrostatic pressure curve
Dotted line: POLYGON PEX hydrostatic pressure curve

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