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PE Pipe

Temperature for hot-melting connection is 200-210℃, when apply this method, only hot melting butt equipment is required, and the procedures are as follows:
1. Put the pipe on the clamp of welder, clamp tightly;
2. Clean the connection end of pipe, mill the joint face smooth;
3. Align the two butt parts, their end face misplacement value cannot be beyond 10% of the wall thickness;
4. Heat them on heating plate;
5. Finished heating, withdraw the heating plate;
6. Joint the two heating surface immediately; add pressure to required melting value, dwell and cooling.

Electro-fusion Connection
It is suitable for all pipes.
1. Set a certain parameter at the beginning.
2. Wait until the heating tool reaches the melting temperature (260+/-10℃). The end of the socket pipe should be cut smoothly and be vertical to the axial line.
3. Make suitable mark on the pipe mouth and socket for connection and position fix.
4. Make sure that to use the female mold of heating tool to melt the external surface of socket pipe end, and use male mold to melt the internal surface of pipe mouth end.
5. When finish heating, please remove the heating tool immediately, then insert the socket mouth end into pipe mouth straightly.
6. Wait until it reaches the required connection strength, and then fix the joint, natural cooling to ambient temperature.