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Siphon Drainage System

Siphon Drainage System

Siphon Drainage System

The siphon drainage system of POLYGON enjoys the advantages of air-isolating siphonic roof outlet and precise calculation of hydraulic balancing in pipes. With the potential energy caused by buildings, the rainwater becomes flow in the entire space of pipes and produces the siphon effect when dropping in the vertical pipe. Thus the water on the roof can be rapidly discharged.

The siphon drainage system can not only solve the difficult problems of the conventional gravitational drainage system, but also enjoy the advantages of saving pipe material and working labor force. It is widely used in large factory, exhibition center, airport, athletic field, high-rise building and other roofs with large area and complex structure.

1. Imported material and equipment
The siphon drainage system adopts imported material and German equipment to ensure the long lifetime, high resistance to corrosion and convenient installation.
2. Siphonic roof outlet
The siphonic roof outlet is designed with high strength and the shallow water accumulation beside the outlet. It is tested to reach the best draining effect.
3. Twice-suspension system
Twice-suspension system transfers the rain and keeps the whole system more stable.
4. Complete testing device
The complete testing device is equipped according to the national standard.
5. Professional designing group
We have professional design group to optimize the design with the advanced siphonic design software.
6. 50 year of warranty
We provide 50 year of warranty to the pipe material and accessories of the system.


Name Dimension(mm)
HDPE pipe 50×3.0
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