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    1. PEX PipeThe PEX pipe delivers many advantages including non-scaling, non-pollution, non- toxic and non- smell in home heating and most housing applications. With high resistance to aging, heat and pressure, elastic memory function, good thermal insulation and anti-freezing features, the pipe is safer and more efficient.
    1. PE-RT PipeThe PE-RT pipe inherit the good flexibility, heat conductivity, chemical inertness from PE material. Meanwhile the design of special molecule and synthesis production enable it to be higher resistant to heat and pressure under the high temperature condition. It is suitable for home heating and most housing applications.
    1. PE-RT II PipeThe PE-RT II pipe, the upgrading product of PE-RT pipe, adopts the DOWLEX2388 material produced by American Dow Chemical Corporate. It is the optimal choice for high-end housing heating due to its higher resistance to temperature, static fluid press, stress cracking as well as the good heat-conductivity and flexibility.
    1. PEX-EVOH Pipe / PE-RT EVOH PipeThe PEX-EVOH pipe and PE-RT EVOH pipe are designed with resistance to light and oxygen to inhibit the microorganism and prevent the metals in the heating system from corrosion and rusting. This advantage greatly prolongs the lifetime of metal parts, such as the valve, switch, boiler, etc, and ensures the wide application in high-end housing.
    1. Anti-UV PEX pipeBecause of its Anti-UV abilities, this new kind of pex pipe is very suitable for being installed outdoors and can be applied for many fields, such as Solar facilities System ,Drink water system, Hot and cold ...
    1. PEX Pipe FittingsCompared with the casting brass fittings, our forging brass fittings is much better in intensity ...
    1. PEX ManifoldsPolygon PEX (PERT) Pipe adopt forging brass fittings, compared with the casting one, it is much better in intensity ...