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    1. PPR PipePortable water supply in residential buildings, hospitals, hotels, shipbuilding etc;
      Pipe networks for rainwater utilization System, swimming pool facilities, agriculture and horticulture, industry, i.e. transport of aggressive fluids (acids, etc);
      Heating pipe for residential building.
    1. PPR Copper Pipe The PPR copper pipe is designed to touch with water directly, and is made of TP2 pure copper with copper content higher than 99.99. It effectively prevents the bacterium, verdigris and algae from growing, thus ensures the safety and health of users. It is very suitable in the upscale housing and surface mounting applications.
    1. PPR Antibacterial Pipe The PPR antibacterial pipe can be connected by hot-melting technology. With PPR layer and antibacterial layer structure, it uses antimicrobial imported from Japan to ensure the high effect of anti-bacterium and high level of health. It is suitable for families and hospitals to pursue health and environmental protection.
    1. PPR Stable Composite PipeThe PPR stable composite pipe features the latest composite technology. Integrating the advantages of PPR pipe and metal pipe including the health, anti-corrosion, leak-proof and rigidity, it enjoys higher strength and better heat resistance. It is applicable for transporting hot water, especially in the high-temperature heat dissipation, central air conditioning and other field.
    1. PPR Fibre Pipe1.Lower coefficient of linear expansion---less than 0.045mm/mk, which is only 30% of PPR Pipe's, and this is similar with PP-R stable composite pipe;
      2. Good rigidity and stability;
      3. High impact resistance in low temperature ...
    1. PPR Pipe FittingsThis kind of plastic pipe is widely used in tandem with PPRC pipes, and also as the  vital links in the construction of a flawless plumbing system ...
    1. Welding Machine and ToolsIt is widely used in the following fields:
      --In tandem with PPRC pipes;
      --Used as the vital links in the construction of a flawless plumbing system ...