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PPR Pipe Fittings

PPR Pipe Fittings

PPR Pipe Fittings

Application of PPR Pipe Fittings
This kind of plastic pipe is widely used in tandem with PPRC pipes, and also as the vital links in the construction of a flawless plumbing system.

  • 45 elbow45 elbow
  • 90 elbow90 elbow
  • capcap
  • concealed stop valveconcealed stop valve
  • couplingcoupling
  • crosscross
  • c-type clipc-type clip
  • female threaded teefemale threaded tee
  • female threaded elbowfemale threaded elbow
  • female threaded couplingfemale threaded coupling
  • elbow with diskelbow with disk
  • double union ball cockdouble union ball cock
  • male threaded teemale threaded tee
  • male threaded elbowmale threaded elbow
  • male threaded couplingmale threaded coupling
  • flange coreflange core
  • flangeflange
  • female threaded unionfemale threaded union
  • male threaded unionmale threaded union
  • pipe plugpipe plug
  • pipe clip(short)pipe clip(short)
  • pipe clip(high)pipe clip(high)
  • over bridge bowover bridge bow
  • over bridge  Bover bridge B
  • stop valvestop valve
  • single uion ball cocksingle uion ball cock
  • reducing teereducing tee
  • reducing 90 elbowreducing 90 elbow
  • redcuerredcuer
  • plastic unionplastic union
  • weld  saddleweld saddle
  • water meter connecting unionwater meter connecting union
  • water meter connecting elbowwater meter connecting elbow
  • teetee
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