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Anti-UV PEX pipeAnti-UV PEX pipe

Anti-UV PEX pipe

Anti-UV PEX pipe

Description of Anti-UV PEX pipe
Polygon Brand Anti-UV Silane crosslinked polyethylene (Pex-Anti UV) pipe is a newly developed products specially for outdoors' field. Nokia Mailefer Extruder, one-step MONOSIL silane crosslinking PE technology, imported carbon black material is adopted to ensure everything in high quality.

Parameter of Anti-UV PEX pipe
1. Dimension: OD 16-63MM
2. Producing standards: Australian Standard AS2492:2007
3. Pressure: PN5 CLASS 500
4. Coloue: Carbon Black
5. Packed in Coil

Advantage of Anti-UV PEX pipe
Besides the advantages of pex pipe (Green products, safe Connection, ,No leakage, Corrosion resistance; Long service life, Easy installation.), Polygon Anti-UV pipe have their such special Superiority:
Anti-Aging: Internal Carbon Black Layer can Anti ultraviolet rays from the sunshine, to last long the service life of pex pipe while installing outdoors. Usually, it serves as long as 25 years if installed outdoors and 50 years installed indoors.

Applications of Anti-UV PEX pipe
Because of its Anti-UV abilities, this new kind of pex pipe is very suitable for being installed outdoors and can be applied for many fields, such as Solar facilities System ,Drink water System, Hot and Cold water System ,Central air-conditioning System ,Agriculture and irrigation System, Rain water and swimming pool pipe network System and so on.

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