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PPR Copper Pipe

PPR Copper Pipe

PPR Copper Pipe

The PPR copper pipe is designed to touch with water directly, and is made of TP2 pure copper with copper content higher than 99.99. It effectively prevents the bacterium, verdigris and algae from growing, thus ensures the safety and health of users. It is very suitable in the upscale housing and surface mounting applications.

1. The PPR copper pipe effectively inhibits the growth of bacterium and benefits our health.
2. With smaller expansion coefficient, it produces pretty appearance when mounted on the surface.
3. The pipe enjoys high insulation of sound and low noise of fluid.
4. With low thermal conductivity, it extends good heat-preservation ability.
5. Featuring resistance to temperature, pressure and corrosion, it is durable for over 50 years.


Name Art. No. Specification(mm)
PPR Copper pipe 17020 20×3.4
17025 25×402
17032 32×5.4

The pipes can be extensively used in cold and hot water system such as in buildings and public facilities, industrial pipe network system, production system pipe network of drinking water, air conditioning pipe using, facility pipe network of solar energy, agriculture and horticulture pipe network, water supply under high pressure, etc. All these applications require the conveyer systems with extensively high-performance pipeline.

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