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Product samples for AKAN Enterprise Group(Shanghai)CO., LTD. Are exhibited in GMPC of ETW Japan.

Address: AIM Bld.1F Asano3-8-1 Kokurakita-Ku Kitakyushu city Japan

Open Time: Monday ~ Friday Tokyo 9:30-17:30 (All Year)

Booth No.: 34


Company profile

AKAN Enterprise Group(Shanghai)CO.,LTD. has specialized in providing "Polygon" brand plastic pipes to customers all over the world since 1995. Our primary products include:
--PPR Pipes / PEX Pipes / PE Pipeline (HDPE Pipe)
--PPR Pipe Fittings / Brass Fittings
--Plumbing Supplies / Plastic Tubing / Pipeline System

Putting to use our nearly 15 years of experience in the plastic pipe industry, AKAN is able to offer the most reliable, high-quality PPR Pipes, PEX Pipes, PE Pipeline, Pipe Fittings, Brass Fittings, and other plumbing supplies, at the best prices. Our products are used in a variety of industries and for many purposes, such as: potable water supplies, irrigation system, waste-water transport, gas pipelines, industrial piping, cable ducts, etc.

New products
    1. Same Floor Drainage System
    2. Same Floor Drainage SystemThe same floor drainage system of POLYGON features that the drain-pipe of the sanitary ware doesn't pass through the floor ...
    1. Siphon Drainage System
    2. Siphon Drainage SystemThe siphon drainage system of POLYGON enjoys the advantages of air-isolating siphonic roof outlet and precise calculation ...

Main products
    1. PPR Pipe
    2. PPR PipeThe PPR pipe produced by POLYGON is widely used in the piping system for drinking water, due to its non-toxic, light ...
    1. PPR Antibacterial Pipe
    2. PPR Antibacterial PipeThe PPR antibacterial pipe can be connected by hot-melting technology. With PPR layer and antibacterial layer structure ...
    1. PPR Stable Composite Pipe
    2. PPR Stable Composite PipeThe PPR stable composite pipe features the latest composite technology. Integrating the advantages of PPR pipe ...
    1. PPR Fibre Pipe
    2. PPR Fibre Pipe1.Lower coefficient of linear expansion---less than 0.045mm/mk, which is only 30% of PPR Pipe's, and this is ...
    1. PEX Pipe
    2. PEX PipeThe PEX pipe delivers many advantages including non-scaling, non-pollution, non- toxic and non- smell in home ...
    1. PEX-Al-PEX Pipeline
    2. PEX-Al-PEX PipelineThe metal layer serves as an oxygen barrier, stopping oxygen diffusion through the polymer matrix ...
    1. PE Pipeline
    2. PE PipelineAll pipes are in standard sizes from 16 up to 500 mm of outer diameter
      All dimensions are in ...
    1. PVC-U Sewage Pipe
    2. PVC-U Sewage PipePolygon PVC-U sewage pipe and fittings are manufactured in strict accordance with ISO3633:2002 and BS2522/4514 ...
    1. Welding Machine and Tools
    2. Welding Machine and ToolsIt is widely used in the following fields:
      In tandem with PPRC pipes;
      Used as the vital links in the ...
    1. PEX-EVOH Pipe/PE-RT EVOH Pipe
    2. PEX-EVOH Pipe/PE-RT EVOH PipeThe PEX-EVOH pipe and PE-RT EVOH pipe are designed with resistance to light ...